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Foundation dam of champions! YaYa currently has her last litter. Please see "Puppies" page.
Hello and welcome to Shining Stars' Yorkshire Terriers!  I hope you enjoy your visit here. I am always open to any ideas, suggestions, critiques, etc. pertaining to this site. Dogs have always been part of my life and of my family. Loving both breeds, Yorkshire Terriers and Bullmastiffs, is a real passion for me. To learn more about my bully, click the "Bullmastiffs" link.

I am married and have two sons, love to design personal jewelry for animal fanciers and others, and enjoy grooming.  The name of my program is derived from my Cherokee ancestry. Many of my family members have celestial related names. The name is a way for me to honor my heritage.

I have owned Yorkies since 1987 and began breeding in 1994. My first breeding produced 6 puppies. Whew, that was a real learning experience! I am dedicated to the endeavor of advancing and perpetuating the standard of the Yorkshire Terrier with the goal of producing show prospect offspring.  Puppies at Shining Star are raised in our home with constant human contact and exposure to other dogs as they develop. They have 3 1/2 acres to run freely as they mature. All puppies are guaranteed to have excellent health and temperaments.

My greatest desire in life was to own a champion dog. I was truly blessed when two of my crew became champions last year.  One of my Yorkies finished in one month and a Bully finished in 4 months. Currently, I have two Yorkies and one bullsmastiff in the ring.

Many thanks are extended to Kirsten McGregor, Bill & Cathy Martin. When it comes to handlers they are as “ Good as it Gets“  I would also like to thank Ms. Dorothy Naegele for all her patience, support and understanding and for allowing this dream to come true. She is a very special lady and an inspiring mentor. I am blessed to have the support of these people and others in my show and breeding pursuits.

Barbara Douglas
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